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We Volunteer, But Rescue Is Not Free

It Takes 35,000 People to Save One Life

It doesn’t happen without you. The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad can’t be there to start CPR on a man whose heart stops without the checks you send. We can’t backboard the woman in a head-on collision without the Oyster Roast tickets you buy. We can’t guide a new baby into the world without the equipment your group donates. Your financial support, along with our generous volunteers, allows the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad to do what we do so well: provide you with free, life-saving, emergency care.

And be one of the 35,000* people it takes to save your neighbor’s life.

Support Us for Free

There are ways you can support our squad without donating money. Simply using the search engine GoodSearch or shopping for well-known brands through GoodShop will bring us much-needed donations without costing you a penny.

Who, What, When, Where, How

The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and we support our operational needs through fundraising efforts. Because of these volunteer efforts, pre-hospital emergency medical care in the City of Virginia Beach is free to residents and visitors, and contributes to over $22 million in savings to the City.

The squad has two fund drives every year, in the spring and the fall. But, of course, donations can be made at any time.

There are all types of donors, from small to large, from individuals to corporations. Truly, every little bit helps. Also, donations can be made in the form of Memorials, Bequests, Trusts, Endowments and Honorariums. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring donation; make your selection on our easy-to-follow, secure online Donation page.



The Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation

The Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. and advocating for an independent and vital volunteer Virginia Beach rescue system, which provides free pre-hospital emergency care to citizens and visitors of Virginia Beach. For more information about the Foundation, visit them online at http://www.vbrescuefoundation.org/.

*The 35,000-figure was derived by adding up the number of donors, members, and people involved in the EMT-B training process.